How to Play Online Scratch Cards

Here you will get to learn how to play online scratch cards inside the best casinos found online here in South Africa. This guide is for new players looking to explore what is the fastest gaming option inside all casinos. It comes with big payouts and you can play hundreds of games in under an hour!


Accessing the Best Scratch Games

When it comes to playing scratch cards, you are taking on one of the most easiest games ever produced for an online casino. But before you get excited about accessing the instant pay games to put real money in your pocket, you need to be looking for an online casino that you can trust to provide you with the best games. Click on this link and it will give you a list of potential candidates that are licensed sites, fully approved to service players here in South Africa. Their games have been tested and confirmed as fair to play, they are regulated to provide honest services and their licenses come from the highest powers in the gambling industry.

By picking from this recommended site, you have the bases for a secure gaming experience that will provide the best eligible games in South Africa and you will be paid in ZAR currency no matter what you win.

How Scratchcards Are Played

The development of the game is so simple, that it could be played by a child of 3 years. Though that would be illegal, so we do not condone it or suggest you encourage children to play your games for you. The scratch card game has actually been around for over 50 years, once used as a shopping treat, it now provides jackpots that can reach the amounts of R15,000,000! The game is the second most diverse option within the casinos online which is more dominated by the slot machines. Scratch cards come in all themes and styles and some you will have heard of from shows like Deal or No Deal.

Playing is fast and fun, with more than just one prize the scoop from a single game. The online scratch card is really no different from its original form. You have a panel that hides an array of symbols, these relate to a value that increases the more you spend on a game. when clicking on the reveal button, the panel will scratch away to reveal the outcome of your game. If you manage to match three symbols, then you win.

A single scratch game can have many prizes and some cards hold more than one game upon them. And that is how very easy it is to play. Stick the game on auto mode and you can play hundreds of games in a matter of minutes as one game could be played and finished in under 5 seconds.


Why Playing Online is Better for Players

The game in its online form is far better for players as it gives them a real chance to win the larger prizes, which indeed makes playing scratch games fairer. With normal scratchcards, if the jackpot is won, the cards remain on sale for the lower prizes to be collected. Even if there is no huge profit to be made by players, they will still be on sale. With online casinos, the jackpots are consistently replaced so players do have a chance to win what they have pay for, the chance to win life-changing sums of money.

Head to the link above and experience the ease of winning for yourself and take the experience with you via the best mobile casino apps that come from the top SA sites.

Last modified: 8 June 2020