Top five Ways to Keep Your current Heating and Cooling System

Just a few things you are able to do to help ensure the best operation and comfort from your heating and cooling system.

Notice! Always disconnect the power before removing access panels. There can be a number of electrical power connections. Be cautious while handling components or reaching inside machines.

1. Check your filter every 30 days. Dirty filters will burden your heater, air conditioner or heat pump. Your current filter needs to be changed out or washed, if you have the reusable variety, when necessary. In the event you do use a reusable filter, dry thoroughlybeforere-installing it.

2. Cleanse your pre-filter and collection cells of your electronic air cleaner every 4 to 6 months.

3. Dust your interior coil using a vacuum cleaner and soft-brush attachment. Be sure to get rid of any dust from the top and bottom of the coil. Examine first of all to verify the coil is dry. If you are unable to get the coil clean in this way, contact an expert for service.

4. Remove waste from around your outside condensing unit. In this way it should only require minimal care to function safely. Look into the base pan under the unit from time to time to assist the unit drain correctly. To clean an unclean coil, make use of a brush or maybe a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment for surface grunge. To clean dirt which is deep inside the coil, call a professional for service.

5. Coastal regions have their very own demanding situations for outdoor condensing appliances, which means your machine will require special care. Ocean spray and coastal winds carry salt, which is corrosive to most metals. Although most up-to-date equipment is made out of galvanized metal and protected by way of specially formulated paint, you can increase the life of your unit by means of washing every bared surfaces and the coil each and every 3 months.

These 5 tips can begin you on your journey of saving money by way of proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system.

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