Home Automation Security & Safety

Technology made easy. This is the promise of smart home innovation. Although futuristic and technical sounding, the smart home is not as hard as you think. Home, energy management systems, are the smarter way to automate your homes.

Home automation means optimized energy use. Through smart home, innovation enjoy all the comforts of your home while making significant savings in energy and cost. This perspective is focused on reducing power consumption among home appliances that eat up thousands of Euros on monthly electric bills.

Building a smart home has become very easy as the technology has made it user-friendly, accessible and affordable. You can easily buy them from brick and mortar stores and the only barrier to entry to the smart home is the interoperability and protocols between products.

The advent of the smart hub can bridge the devices of different brands bring them together in one app.With these accessible gadgets, you can keep your home safe and secure, and there is no need to spend high monthly fees. These home security systems are very simple and also inexpensive allowing you to step into the home automation system. Few key elements of resources for home automation are given below:

1.Smart Locks: These locks use Blue tooth enabled smartphones when the recognized user approaches and unlocked itself. For people do not have smartphones and recognized compatible key fobs could be used. Digital keys can be used especially at certain times for certain time, and these can be revoked at any time. Lock all the doors just touch of a button using apps in smartphones.

2.Smart Surveillance: If you want to keep an eye on your home whether inside or outside you can make the process simple by having wireless cameras. Just plug into the power outlet and view live using smartphones. They can also be used for geo-fencing and can be made on and off at preset times. When something moves in the activity zones, it gives an alert, and you can watch on your smartphone at the real time. You can set for facial recognition and get the alert message when your children arrive home.

3.Smart Sensors: These sensors can be fit at the heart of the home, and they can alert other devices. For instance, a window sensor can trigger the camera to start recording, or a moisture sensor can send a signal to shut off the water when there is water in the unauthorized space. Motion sensors can turn on multiple devices on and off

4.Smart Smoke Detectors: The simplest of safety gadgets that use a home Wi-Fi sets the alarms on when a single one senses the danger and caution in the form of carbon monoxide or smoke. They will alert you to smartphone or tablet if you are away from your home.

5.Smart Combinations: An automated home can be created effectively by combining smart outlets, smart lighting and smart HVAC components, gives a scenario that senses your immediate arrival, unlock and open the door, switch on the A/c or heater, switch on the TV to view your favorite game. However, you need different smart components for these arrangements. Having a smart HVAC is not an assurance that it will not fail, knowing how often replace AC can be your advantage. Nationalhvacpros.com can help you on selecting a reliable HVAC system.

6.Smart Lighting: Through smart lights, you can have complete control of the environment, have special lighting for the celebration and entertainment, light to detect thieves, and lighting that reduce the power bills. You make smart lighting at your home in three ways.
-Install smart light switches
-Install smart bulbs
-Pick smart Plugs

If you can control your home light remotely, then the possibilities of using them are endless.

7.Smart Thermostats: This glamorous gadget reduces your work of programming your programmable thermostat. Here the sensors determine the user patterns and control the climate as needed. It also prevents the systems from running for longer time unnecessarily reducing the power consumption., saves up to 30 percent of power consumption.

8.Smart Doors: You may be in a hurry and walk into work, but cannot remember whether you closed the garage door. But this can be done conveniently using smart garage doors, which can open and close the garage door from anywhere.

A smart home easily blends in with your lifestyle and gives it an apparent upward push. Smartphones can also control the lighting system of a smart home, but of course with the involvement of some more devices such as light sensors, motion sensors, dimmer switches, and timers. These devices are to help the lighting work in sync.The following are some basic benefits that a homeowner enjoys out of a smart home:

Improved Safety and Security

Drop your anxiety for 'home safety' under your feet while you are vacationing away. The intelligent lighting system is enough to put any potential burglar at bay. All you have to do is schedule your living room lighting and outdoor lighting to go ON whenever the motion sensor senses any movement outside. It means, whenever there will be any movement around your home, the lights will go turned on and it would replicate your presence to the person outside the home. This is how home automation lighting system helps you keep your property safe and secured when you are away.

A lot of energy saved

Home automation lighting system trims down the usage of energy quite substantially. This system also enables you to control the lighting system from a remote area with the help of a smartphone app. There are timers and dimmers, which further help you, schedule the lighting to go off and dim at certain times of the day and nights. Many homeowners are installing photo sensor so that the lights can go ON whenever the sensor detects low light into certain spaces. This way, a smart home helps you save a considerable amount of energy and save the environment.

Get back to a well-lit home.

This may be one of the major benefits homeowners are enjoying after installing home automation lighting system. Like everyone else, you too like returning to a well-lit house, because of enough with this switch panel hunt and then getting the lights turned on. With the help of a magnetic door sensor, your living rooms' lights will go ON as soon as the front door is opened. It means you will be free from switchboard hunt after unlocking the door. The lights will lead your way.

The Solent Electronic Home is the smart way of living. In a nutshell, the Increased energy saving, reduced routine related stress such as turning on and off of home appliances), intruder monitoring and security management access are all added benefits of smart home technology. In the long run smart homes pay for themselves and living smart doesn't need to cost more. This innovation is sure to promise better living for everyone.